About us


I / History of foundation

 Nha Moi Investment and Services Joint Stock Company was established on the basis of its predecessor as a group of experienced individuals who want to gather together to share work experience, support new employees and build a dynamic and professional working culture environment. On the first of April, 2015, after a short period of preparation, the members began working in the new office at T050512A Times City.

Currently, New House has become a leading real estate consultant in Vinhomes – the company’s main services include distribution of Vinhomes real estate projects, sale, transfer and rental of apartments and offices for Vietnamese and foreigners.

As a young business with enthusiastic people, we are constantly mobilizing to perfect ourselves and shape the development path. Our desire is to build a diversified service ecosystem with the stature and standard of the leader, and build a company that is the convergence of talented and dedicated people, thriving for common goals.

II / Vision

We are dedicated and striving to affirm our position as a leader in buying, selling, leasing apartments in Vinhomes projects. Since then, step by step we have built a modern and professional House Service ecosystem – aiming at the goal: A destination for all needs of customers’ apartments.

III / Mission

With our new direction, we bring in our mission to bring customers comprehensive, quality and reliable services in the service ecosystem of the company. The New House desires and continues to create value to contribute to standardizing the service industries that the company is operating.

IV / Core values

Long-term vision, separate direction, sharing mechanism in a deep cultural environment with own identity are core values that drive the company’s development at all times.

V / Philosophy

VI / Acknowledgments

In order for the New Home to be steadfast as it is today, we acknowledge the spirit of enthusiasm, the attachment of the whole group of New Home people. At the same time, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our partners and all dear customers for their great trust and support.

New House believes that in the future, the lives of Vietnamese people in general and those of foreigners who love and want to settle down in Vietnam in particular will always be raised to new heights. The generations of members in each family enjoy a healthy and civilized living environment with a relaxing, comfortable and modern green living space.

Once again, we sincerely thank you, wish you health, happiness and success!

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